The 2019 graduate student thesis defense work ended successfully

    On January 10, 2019, the 2019th graduate thesis defense work of the research group was held as scheduled in Room 214, Building 5 of the Electric Building. The Defence Committee was chaired by Zhang Peihua, a senior engineer of ZTE Corporation. The respondents were Professor Chen Jianping, Professor Li Xinbiao, Professor Zou Weiwen, Professor Wu Guiling, Professor Zhou Linjie, Associate Professor Wu Wei, Assistant Professor Lu Liangjun and Li Xing, Associate researcher. Teacher Liu Jiao is the secretary of the defense. During the defense process, the graduate students made detailed reports on the research background, content and research results of the relevant topics, and made targeted answers to the questions raised by the respondents. Finally, the defending committee voted to decide that all graduates should pass the dissertation defense and recommend a master's degree in engineering.