Wu Guiling
State Key Lab of Advanced Optical Communication Systems and Networks
School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering (SEIEE)
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
800 Dongchuan Rd.
Shanghai 200240, China
Tel: 021-34205358
Email: wuguiling@sjtu.edu.cn


Dr. Wu is an professor in the state key laboratory of advanced optical communication systems and networks, the department of Electronic Engineering in the school of Electronic Information and Electric Engineering in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Guiling Wu received his B.S. in optical electronic Technology from Haerbing Institute of Technology, Haerbin, China in 1995, and a Ph.D. degree in physical electronics from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China, in 2001.  Dr. Wu has published more than 100 papers in technical journals, holds more than 30 awarded patents. He was awarded Second Prize of Hubei Provincial Natural Science in 2003. Now, his main research interests include optical sampling and signal processing, optical time and frequency transfer.


1. Okawa Foundation Research Grant, Okawa Foundation,2012.
2. Second Prize of Hubei Provincial Natural Science, the government of Hubei Province, 2003

Research fields
1. Optical sampling ang signal processing
2. Optical switching and transmission



1. IE347:"Optoelectronic fundanmental"
2. F034519:"Fiber Optical Local Area Networks"


Selected Publications
1. Sitong Wang, Guiling Wu, Yiwei Sun, and Jianping Chen, Principle of integrated filtering and digitizing based on periodic signal multiplying, Opt. Lett. 44(7), 1766-1769, 2019.
2. Zhengtao Jin, Guiling Wu, Fengfeng Shi, and Jianping Chen, Equalization based inter symbol interference mitigation for time-interleaved photonic analog-to-digital converters, Optics Express, Vol. 26, Issue 26, pp. 34373, 2018.
3. Tiancheng Lin, Guiling Wu, Hongwei Li , Guoyong Wang, and Jianping Chen, Passive phase noise compensation for fiber-optic radio frequency transfer with a nonsynchronized source, Chinese Optics Letters,16(10): 100602 1-4, 2018
4. Zhengtao Jin, Guiling Wu, Cheng Wang, and Jianping Chen, Mismatches analysis based on channel response and an amplitude correction method for time interleaved photonic analog-to-digital converters, Optics Express, Vol. 26, Issue 14, pp. 17859-17871, 2018.
5. Sitong Wang , Guiling Wu, Feiran Su, Jianping Chen, Simultaneous Microwave Photonic Analog-to-Digital Conversion and Digital Filtering, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, vol. 30, no. 4, pp. 343-346, Feb.15, 15 2018.
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15.  Zhang Hao, Wu Guiling, Hu Liang, Li Xinwan, Chen Jianping, High-Precision Time Transfer Over 2000-km Fiber Link, IEEE Photonics Journal 7(6): 1-9, 2015.
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