PSP-DAS Lab,as part of the State Key Lab on Optical Fiber Communication Systems and Networks, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, is mainly engaged in integrated silicon optoelectronics, broadband photonic signal processing and fiber-optic precision time & frequency transfer. The Lab has 10 faculties, including 973 chief scientist,  Excellent Young Scholars for the NSF、Young Scholars of the Yangtze River、Newton Fellowship. It has advanced platform and facilities for design, manufacturing, packaging and testing of photonic devices and systems.  The graduates are spread all over domestic and foreign universities,  internationally renowned companies, and important industry enterprises.



Research review

    The fine processing of microwave and the high-speed processing capability of photon are integrated organically. New principles and methods of microwave photon coherent coordination, which provide the main theoretical and technical support for the next generation radar.

    Silicon-based optoelectronics studies how to integrate bulky optical systems on very small silicon-based chips, which have great advantages in size, The silicon-based optoelectronic devices and integrated chips for optoelectronic signal processing are designed, which provide the main theoretical and technical support for integrated optoelectronic chips.

   Time is the information cornerstone of national economy, people's livelihood and national security, and high-precision time-frequency transmission is its core technology. Optical fiber transmission has the advantages of high stability, wide bandwidth and low loss.  autonomous navigation and positioning, deep space exploration and other major national projects. Scientific research provides key technology and equipment support.